Jump Around, LLC

Bringing Some Hopping Fun to Your NEXT Event


$195 free delivery set up and pick up

Hit the target with the ball and watch as your victim falls from a platform into a tank full of water! Requires access to water. Fun for all ages

$ 140 set of 4 inflatable carnival games

$95 set of 2 inflatable carnival games

$60 for 1 inflatable carnival game

Each one is measured 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. Each game can be used individually, or connect all together as a group.

- one Basketball Playset

- one T-Ball Game

- one Shooting Game

- one Tossing Game


$170 ALL DAY


FREE DELIVERY pickup and set up

One unit, two games:

- Giant Soccer Dart 16' Wide, 16' Tall

- Giant Baseball Dart 16' Wide, 16' Tall

Comes with (3) Giant Tennis Balls.


$230 all day.

$400 all weekend. FREE DELIVERY pickup and set up

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: L: 18' x W: 18' x H: 11

( The 5-In-1 Combo) has something for every sports fanatic. Play Basketball, Volleyball or set it up for Jousting. Plus, you can use it as a Boxing Ring or Mega Jumper. The Choices and Fun are Endless!! Comes with jumbo boxing gloves,jousting sticks/pedestals and volleyball and net.

had new Velcro Floor Pedestals, which allows you to remove the pedestals for a flat, bounce floor surface. Also included is a set of Joust Poles, Basketball Goals, and complimentary Volleyball Net.


$200 all day.

$340 all weekend.

FREE delivery,pick up and set up

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: L- 35' x W: 12' x H: 7'

The Bungee Run Inflatable Game allows two participants to bungee race at the same time for Extreme Fun

$5 for 300 balls can only be rented with purchase of a bounce house